Don’t you hate it when some of your best ideas have been discarded by clients? It’s time to bring those ideas back to life. Sell your logos through us to reach new customers and clients from around the world. We’ll handle the promotion, marketing, and e-commerce. You handle the design.

Steps to sell your designs and make money

  1. Important: Take the time to read this page in full.
    We are strict with these rules and if you don’t follow them, your logos will be rejected.
  2. Register on Logopik.
  3. Download the template to see the final product.
  4. Create your logo, making sure to follow our rules and guidelines.
  5. Upload your logo and fill out all fields properly (instructions underneath each field).
  6. Wait for our confirmation email that your logo is published.
  7. Upload more designs.
  8. You will be notified when your logo is sold.
  9. In most cases you have to customize the logo for client’s company name, client or site admin will contact you with such requests.
  10. In those cases, send the final files to client via email within 48 hours.
  11. You have to add your payment instructions into your account.
  12. You will be paid automatically.

How to prepare your files for upload

Rules for preparing your logo design:

  1. The design must be original and completely created by you.
  2. You can not use any ready-made design elements, whether you paid for them or not, regardless of the type of license. Design elements that you can not use include (but are not limited to) stock vector designs, clip-art illustrations, illustrations included in dingbat/ornament typefaces, illustrations included as samples or symbols in vector graphics software, illustrations created by you following exact steps on an online tutorial, Wikimedia Commons graphics (or other graphics with a Creative Commons license) and Public Domain illustrations. Bear in mind that Logopik’s clients may need to trademark the logo after purchase.
  3. Do not include personal signatures, watermarks, copyright notices (™, ©, ®), copyrighted/trademarked/patented products, copyrighted maps/globes, registered or unregistered trademarks or any work by other artists or designer.
  4. Do not include an existing identifiable product, imitate the design or style of an existing product or packaging.
  5. If you include a model or property you must be able to produce a signed model or property release on request.
  6. If you trace an image/photograph/sketch you must own the copyright to said image/photograph/sketch.
  7. Use Google Images and/or Tineye to make sure there are no similar existing designs.
  8. Avoid small details/lines that will not print properly or will not be recognizable when used at small sizes.
  9. Focus on symbols and less on typography, as the text will be changed to match client’s company name. Currently, we accept symbol logos that look like text but are distinctive enough. Also, we accept typographical logos that could be seen as symbols (and thus, they can be used by any company regardless of their name).
  10. Use simple typography that is easy to change, use widely available typefaces.
  11. When using a free font, make sure to verify that the license actually permits commercial use of the typeface/font; it must explicitly say so. When in doubt, visit the website of the typeface designer.
  12. Use a fictitious company name that describes the logo or its possible use. Do not use a generic name like “Company Name” or “My Brand”
  13. Avoid logo clichés, for the entire logo or as part of the logo. For example: one-legged pointy man, swoosh, ubuntu (a.k.a. the group hug), globe/orb, molar, plain tree, plain paper plane, plain 3-tier layered cake, plain cupcake, plain jigsaw puzzle piece, plain two or three houses roofs, the famous boat/yacht, plain origami crane, tree+people, etc. We reserve the right to reject logos that are too common and may cause trademark issues for our clients.

Rules for preparing your EPS file:

  1. Logo Featured Image Size must be 703 x 378 pixels, please be careful about this before uploading the logo on Logopik.
  2. Logo should not have background (unless the design doesn’t work without one). You can show your logo on a background in the additional images and keep the main image with the standard transparent background.
  3. All fonts/type should be converted to curves/outlines.
  4. Remove unnecessary clipping-masks and opacity masks.
  5. EPS file must be 100% vector; remove embedded raster images and any other elements that are not vector. Avoid effects (like drop-shadow, feather, glow, blur, etc.), they will produce raster images when expanded.
  6. Remove all unnecessary elements that are not part of the logo. Double check the outlines (Ctrl+Y or Command+Y), they should be as close as possible to the final art.
  7. If necessary, simplify your objects (the maximum number of anchor points is six thousand).
  8. Expand appearances and live paint objects and brushes. Avoid open shapes.
  9. Use the CMYK color space (RGB colors can not always be reproduced in printing)
  10. The logo needs to be centered within the artboard of the EPS and resized, so that it fits within the margin/guide and fills out the page as much as possible. The attached file on this page includes four examples of logo placement.
  11. Optionally you can create extra EPS files showing additional logo versions, such as black and white, negative, variations in layout, etc. You can then combine all versions in a ZIP file.
  12. Save it as EPS (up to CS5) and select Preview Format as None to reduce the file size.
  13. Check the file size. It should normally be less than 2MB. If necessary, for extremely complex logos (more than 10MB), you can ZIP the file.

Seller's Guide images

Rules for preparing the PNG file:

  1. Export the PNG file right from the EPS file in Illustrator using the File > Export command.
  2. Select Format: PNG.
  3. Select the check-box: Use Artboards.
  4. On the next screen select Resolution: 72 ppi.
  5. Select Background: Transparent.
  6. Double check the exported PNG file to make sure the dimensions are exactly 703 x 378 pixels.

Guidelines when preparing the Upload Zip File:

  1. First you must make an output of the EPS Vector File of the Logo.
  2. Second you must make a Logo Featured Image with the exact size of 703 x 378 pixels.
  3. Than create a Folder according to the name of the logo.
  4. And finally zip it and it is ready to upload than.

While our reviewers make every attempt to evaluate logos for these items, the responsibility is ultimately yours. Please keep a record of all works and source references in case of a dispute. If these rules are not followed we will reject and/or delete the logo. For multiple violation of our rules the designer will be banned from the site and his/her logos will be deleted from the store.

What kind of logos to design

The logos should be generic enough to be applicable to various businesses, but unique enough to become trademarks. It’s best to have an iconic symbol and very simple typography that is easy to change. Most of our clients own small and medium sized businesses, so think about all the different types of businesses you find in a mall, commercial area or in the yellow pages.

Logo upload fields

Besides the files you need to fill out several fields when uploading a logo. Please make sure to spend time on filling out the required info as it greatly influences the chance of selling a logo. Also, please check your spelling and grammar.

Logo name should match the title in the logo files and ideally it should be a generic name that describes the logo and the industry it is intended for. Do not use the name of an existing company in the title as it can be considered a trademark violation. Do not include the word “logo” in the title and do not use ALL CAPS. Also, for better legibility in search results pages, do not use too many words in the Logo Name text field (the Description and Possible Uses fields will complement the Logo Name field).

Price can vary depending on how unique and well designed the logo is. You can set a price anywhere from $5 to $99. Average suggested price is around $25. You get approximately 60% of the sale price, it means every times one of your logo get sales you receive 60% of total Price.

All logos include customization as part of the services included in the sale price (including logos sold at a discount).

Logo Category allows the designer to categorize the logo to an area that best matches the potential use of the logo. If the logo applies to many categories select the best matching one only.

Logo Tags allows the designer to enter up to 10 keywords that match the logo. You can only pick from existing keywords. Start typing a word and pick the one you like from the options that are offered. Separate keywords with a comma.

Description field is the place where you should describe what the logo is all about. Describe the objects, colors, concepts and styles. Do not include any personal messages, like “hope you like it” and avoid emoticons. Do not repeat offered services that are already listed. Do not offer extra services on top of the logo. Do not include external links.

Featured Image should be approximate size of 703 x 378 pixels, Please be aware of it. You can not upload the wrong dimension images, also be sure that it is well optimize for web. We suggest to keep your feature image under 15kb.

Please do not abuse any of these fields to gain any unfair advantage in search or other listings. Such behavior will be considered as violation of our rules.

Logo customization

When the client purchases a store logo, he has the option to request a change on the sold logo page. This request along with client’s contact details will be emailed to the designer. This information is also shown on the sold logo page visible to the designer only.

The designer must perform these changes within 48h.

The final files including the vectors must be sent to client by email. If client requests for more changes they should be done within reasonable limits for free.

This customization service is included in the logo sale price and the designer must not charge the client for it. The designer also must not wait to be paid by Logopik before sending the files.


We can currently pay designers via PayPal.

In order to be paid, designers are required to fill out a vendor profile, which allows us to collect your payment information and tax documents (if required). You can find the vendor profile under “Vendor-Dashboard” >Profile.

Non-US Designers: On the vendor profile, there is a check-box that allows non-US designers to be exempt from uploading any tax documents. You only need to fill out the html form on the page that gives us the basic personal information and the payment information.

USA Designers: If you’re from the USA or work in the USA you will have to fill the appropriate tax form in detail (completed, signed and dated). The IRS will be notified of all U.S. vendors who are paid $600.00 or more during the year.

You only have to fill your vendor profile when you sell a logo (you do not need a vendor profile to submit your first logo).

The first store logo payment usually takes up to 4 weeks after logo purchase date (or vendor profile approval). After the first one, all logos are paid within 14 days of logo purchase (or vendor profile approval). These numbers are approximate, sometimes there are slight delays for various reasons.

Your Store

Your store only shows your own approved logos and your store name with little description. Any other information you enter in your profile is private. It is not allowed to reveal your private information anywhere on the site. Designers and clients are meant to be anonymous; only known by their usernames.

Working with clients

When a client buys your logo in most cases you will be contacted for customization. You can and should communicate with the client directly. Usually the clients need further work on the identity and you can work with client directly for an extra fee outside of Logopik. One of the main objectives of Logopik’s is to connect designers and clients for a mutually fruitful business relationship.

Selling your logos on your own

If you happen to sell one of your designs on your own to your own clientele you have the responsibility to immediately remove the same logo from Logopik. You’re liable for any event when the same design is sold to two different clients.

What rights are you selling

On Logopik Vendor or Designer can sale their logo multiple times. Logopik has an exclusive license option but are limited to pik’s chosen designers only. So whenever you upload a logo it will generate sales as long as the logo are on the store. But if any client’s wants exclusive rights for their company trademark, they need to contact us first. Than we arrange the rest for you. And if you arrange everything, and decided to delete the logo from our store, as you sale the exclusive rights you need not to worry about it. We will not charge any from your exclusive earning, all is yours. Just make sure that you let us know that you sold your logo as exclusive and it will not sold again on Logopik.

Important rules to follow

It’s not allowed to break any of the rules detailed above regarding uploaded logo work.

You’re not allowed to promote your website, email address or other contact information anywhere on the site such as in your username, in logo descriptions, in comment. It’s okay to use your business or real name as your username as long as it’s not a website or email address format.

It’s not allowed to offend anybody on the site by personal attacks. It’s okay to criticize each other’s work in a professional and helpful manner.

We reserve the right to delete any users, logos, forum topics or comments on the site if they do not comply with our rules and hurt the business in any way.

If a user breaks the rules he gets a strike one warning in email. After the third strike the user will be banned for life from the site.

Thanks for being a good member of the community and following our rules.


If you need any help with understanding the above information or following the above instructions please feel free to email us. We’ll be glad to help to make sure you can maximize your potential on Logopik.

Showcase your hidden talent to the world 🙂